Monday, July 22, 2013

cheese crackers on cats

Silliness reigns here today.  Polly is our Maine Coon cat. Inspired by another video I saw, I wondered how many cheese crackers we could place on her before she woke up and dumped them. I thought maybe 10 max. I thought wrong! My husband managed to place 34 crackers on her. We used Annie's Organic Cheddar Classics to keep everything wholesome. OMG, it was so much FUN! It was all I dreamed it would be. I laughed so hard after that I was relaxed enough for a good nights' sleep. When I asked my husband if it was good for him, too, he said, "Not as good as it was for you." You can see the smile on his face in the video, but sometimes he can be a party pooper. Believe me, he had as much fun as I did! How many crackers can you place on your kitty before it wakes up?
Music video and movie director Dave Meyers calls this video "hilarious."

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video c2013 Carole Terwilliger Meyers

This is the original that inspired me.  Though it is shot vertically and the participants are very slow--they quit at 18--I do especially like the figernail polish.

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