Monday, March 30, 2015

prom dresses repurposed for Barbie

prom dresses repurposed into dresses for Barbie

prom dresses repurposed into dresses for Barbie
image ©2015 Carole Terwilliger Meyers 

Like many women, I kept my prom dresses along with my wedding dress.  When I realized I'd never wear them again, I let my daughter and friends play dress-up with the prom dresses until they were in tatters.  But even then I still wasn't ready to let them go.  There was enough good fabric left to make doll dresses to fit my daughter's leftover Barbies--thus repurposing two items with one idea.  The sentimental seamstress was able to keep the stitches my mom had made when she created the dresses for me.  I had wanted the Elvis doll as their date but at the time could only find a Ken in a tuxedo, who gets lost in the fabric.  And I see blonde Barbie has lost her glass slippers!

Here is another take on repurposing an old prom dress.

video contributed by Barbara Carlson

What did you do with yours?  Please comment!

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