Tuesday, October 18, 2016

how to make a lovely hangar with a vintage doily

How to turn a vintage doily into a useful and beautiful hangar

1.  Start with a beautiful crocheted doily (perhaps one of grandma's, if you are so fortunate as to have one) and a padded satin hangar.

2.  Thread the hangar head through a center hole in the doily.  Adjust it so it hangs evenly over the hangar body.  Pin the doily to the hangar with a long pin with a large head.  Weave it in and out several times, ending with the sharp end down in the fabric.  Alternatively, sew the doily to the hangar using loose, long stitches.  This will secure it. 

3.  Admire your handiwork and congratulate yourself on getting grandma's doilies out where you can see them.  Make plenty and give them away as gifts--if you can bear to part with them.

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